Art prints in Black&White with frame included

A lot of size disponible: 20x30, 60x40......with your favorite artist!

Picture signed and numbered / certificate provided

Price on request: contact

Bruce springsteen

Mounted on wood: gloss or matte finish:size: 60x40 or 90x60 mm or more. An originale picture in your house.


From a simple art print laminated on an aluminum plate, a transparent plexiglass is added in front of the photograph.It is the high-end solution for an art photography.This pléxicollée finish enhances contrast by giving extreme depthwith colors and a relief effect.The artwork is totally protected against dust, oxygen and ultraviolet rays. Aluminum chassis.
caisse américaine - angle caisse américaine - coupe

Caisse américaine - rolling stones

Printed on art paper (matte, textured, barium, pearl or iridium photo paper).Printed on art paper (matte, textured, barium, pearl or iridium photo paper).Bonded on a 2mm Dibond aluminum support.Inserted in an open solid wood crate or Nielsen aluminum frame.
Size: 90 X 60 mm ou 110 X 90 mm